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Buyback Calculator

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(Total cost to repay at the end of Agreement Term = Agreement Amount + Total Agreement Cost):

*Our agreements are typically written for a term of four months with a minimum of two months, but you may repay it at any time without penalty and will only be charged for the number of months needed. At the end of the four months, you may renew for another term simply by paying the charges accrued to date.


Referral Program

Word of mouth is how most of our clients find us and we’re very grateful for those recommendations.

We’re happy to pay generous referral commissions to everyone who sends business our way.

Whether you are a professional advisor or just a friend of a friend, simply introduce us to someone who might need our service and we’ll pay you for the introduction when the transaction is completed.

And because repeat clients are a large percentage of our business, we may be thanking you again and again.

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