The Newest Diamond Report that is Breaking Boundaries…


Sarine has just announced it’s latest report type called Diamond Journey Reports which shares a visual experience of a diamond’s journey from rough to fully polished. This new-age reporting is meant to “enhance” the shopping experience and add value to the customer’s purchase” as reported via RapNet.

Sarine seems to be on the right track, following the trends of IBM’s Blockchain where any consumer product would essentially do the same and record the history of its starting process all the way up until it hits the sellable market. This isn’t the first time Sarine has been influential in diamond technology as it also has introduced Sarine Profile which provides the 4 C’s to a diamond online including a 3D visual “loop” to view the diamond.

Will the standard diamond customer, without extensive knowledge on diamonds, be interested in this new technology? Has the industry reached the point where standard diamond grading reports no longer are enough to fully authenticate a diamond, and are customers needing retailers to go the extra mile to get their diamonds sold?

We are asking you to weigh in on what could be a game-changer. What are your thoughts? Is this a game changer or is this overkill?

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